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First Love Songs & Opinions on Lana Del Rey

Born To Die - The Paradise EditionBorn to Die available on iTunes

Lana Del Rey Born to Die

Whether you've been watching Saturday Night Live or reading the Wall Street Journal, you have heard of Lana Del Rey. She's been a lightening rod for a number of conversations about marketing and feminism. But Jim and Greg are happy to look past all those debates and focus on the music. Unfortunately, this self-proclaimed“Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”isn't wowing them on her new release Born to Die. Jim describes Del Rey as a combination of Julee Cruise and Lily Allen, however she doesn't have the vocal chops or the sense of humor of either. Worse than her narrow range, however, is her lack of passion and believability. Jim says Trash It. Greg loves the production by industry veteran David Kahne. But the songs are very“samey”and full of cliches. He also can't abide by her passive nature, so Greg can only say Burn It.