Indians & Black Sabbath Review

Danish electro-pop act Indians is live in the Sound Opinions studio. Plus, Black Sabbath are back. Jim and Greg review the 19th studio album from the original masters of darkness.

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Certainly there have been a number of gay advocates and gay icons in pop music. But, many are calling "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the first Top 40 song to explicitly embrace and promote gay marriage. It seems to have captured the country's mood, reflecting growing support for gay marriage in the polls and a recent Supreme Court victory for same sex couples. And Macklemore is a straight man, to boot.

Ahead of its launch of an online radio service, Apple has revealed some more details about its deal with independent record labels. And it appears they'll be more generous than rival Pandora. Of course, the music giant is in a position to do so. But this can't be welcome news to Pandora, which has recently been the subject of some unflattering headlines.





This week Indians is in the studio. It's the alter-ego of Danish artist Soren Juul. He began as a classically trained musician, but was also schooled in pop music by his record-collecting father. So, inspired by unique pop bands like Pink Floyd, he abandoned the classics for synths and a laptop. His viral hit "Magic Kids" caught the attention of critics like Jim and Greg, After retreating to the Danish countryside to write, Soren recorded the songs for Indians' debut release Somewhere Else. He and bandmates Heather Woods Broderick and Laurel Simmons perform songs from the album.

review13 (Deluxe Version)Never Say Die available on iTunes

Black Sabbath Never Say Die

For the first time since 1978's Never Say Die, three of the four OG's of metal are back in the studio. Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Bill Ward practically invented heavy metal in the seventies, Jim says, and on the group's 19th studio album 13, Ozzy, Geezer, and Tony are re-united (Bill's on the outs for business reasons). Do the boys still rock all these years later? Greg's answer is a tentative“yes.”Iommi still brings those ten-ton riffs, and the onset of old age means that for once, Ozzy has something substantive to sing about (death). Most important, Black Sabbath doesn‘t embarrass itself, and for Greg that’s worth a Burn It rating. Jim is not as kind. He faults producer Rick Rubin's over-compression for drowning out Geezer's bass, and whatever the subject matter, Jim insists Ozzy just sounds awful. He suggests Greg take off his rose-colored glasses and see 13 for what it is: a Trash It record.



“Viet Nam War Blues”Oblivians

Memphis garage rockers Oblivians recently released their first record in fifteen years, Desperation. Greg's had it on heavy rotation along with the group's post-punk-inspired back catalogue. With two guitars, two chords, and a stripped down drum kit, Greg says Oblivians married punk's“last moment on earth intensity”with Memphis's rock ‘n’ roll tradition. He chooses "Viet Nam War Blues" off the band's 1995 debut album Soul Food for his Desert Island Jukebox pick. It's a Lightnin' Hopkins cover about a mother whose son goes off to war. Whereas Hopkins brings a jazzy, poetic sensibility to the track, Greg says Oblivians bring rage.

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Footnotes Gay Marriage Anthem“Same Love” Gay Marriage Rulings iTunes spells out radio terms David Lowery & the Pandora debate Indians' bandsite“Magic Kids” Greg talks to Indians Somewhere Else on 4AD Ozzy Osbourne's website Geezer Butler's website Tony Iommi's website Bill Ward's website Black Sabbath's site Greg reviews Black Sabbath Oblivians Desperation Greg talks to Oblivians“Viet Nam War Blues” Lightnin Hopkins,“Vietnam War”