Treasure Chest

Buried Treasures

As rock critics, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot get tons of albums every week, most of which aren't worth your time. But, beneath every pile of rubbish is an undiscovered gem. This week on the show, Jim and Greg will unearth these buried treasures and give you some new music for the new year.

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Buried Treasures

The early winter months may be a sleepy time for major-label record releases, but tons of great music is still hovering under the radar. Jim and Greg dig up some of their favorite "Buried Treasures" during this week's show. The latest installment of undiscovered gems include:

  • The Album Leaf, Into the Blue Again
  • The Paybacks, Love, Not Reason
  • The Gossip, Standing in the Way of Control
  • The Polyphonic Spree, Wait
  • The Memory Band, Apron Strings
  • Wild Carnations, Superbus
  • Tokyo Police Club, A Lesson in Time
  • Benjy Ferree, Leavin the Nest
  • Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself
  • Emily Haines, Knives Don't Have Your Back
  • Espers, Espers II

Featured Songs

  1. Superchunk,“The First Part,”Foolish, 1993
  2. The Album Leaf,“Always for You,”Into the Blue Again, 2006
  3. The Paybacks“Stranger in the House,”Love, Not Reason, 2006
  4. The Gossip,“Standing in the Way of Control,”Standing in the Way of Control, 2005
  5. Polyphonic Spree,“Love My Way,”Wait (EP) 2006
  6. The Memory Band,“I Wish I Wish,”Apron Strings, 2006
  7. Wild Carnations,“Road to Bielefield,”Superbus, 2006
  8. Tokyo Police Club,“Nature of the Experiment”A Lesson in Time, 2006
  9. Tokyo Police Club,“Cheer It On”A Lesson in Time, 2006
  10. Benjy Ferree,“Leaving the Nest (It's a Long Way Down)”Leaving the Nest, 2006
  11. Imogen Heap,“Goodnight and Go,”Speak For Yourself, 2006
  12. Emily Haines,“Our Hell,”Knives Don't Have Your Back, 2006
  13. Espers,“Children of Stone,”Espers II, 2006