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The next album up for review is by fellow American songwriter Andrew Bird. Bird has a new album out called Noble Beast. In addition to writing songs, Bird tackles singing, violin playing and even whistling–an odd, but winning combo that has brought the musician flocks of fans. Greg thinks this fifth album has a more mainstream-friendly sound because of its strong melodies. But, he has a problem with the loss of momentum at the end of the album. For Greg, Bird lost steam by the last third, so he can only give Noble Beast a Try It. Jim can‘t even go that far. He was bothered by the obtuse wordiness of the lyrics, and couldn’t locate any emotional core in the songs. Jim gives Andrew Bird's release a Trash It.

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Turkey Shoot 2009

Every year Jim and Greg celebrate Thanksgiving with the Sound Opinions Turkey Shoot. They take out the year's biggest musical turkeys-albums from normally great artists that fell flat. Hope you're hungry…here are six turkeys for your feast.

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