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The Feelies & Opinions on Nas and Girl Talk

Featured Songs

  1. Pearl Jam, Spin the Black Circle, Vitalogy, Epic, 1994
  2. Kanye West, Stronger, Graduation, Universal, 2007
  3. The Feelies, Forces at Work, Crazy Rhythms, Stiff, 1980
  4. The Feelies, Higher Ground (Live on Sound Opinions), Only Life, A&M, 1988
  5. The Feelies, Paint it Black, Crazy Rhythms, Stiff, 1980
  6. The Feelies, Let's Go, The Good Earth, Twin/Tone, 1986
  7. The Feelies, Fa Ce La, Crazy Rhythms, Stiff, 1980
  8. The Feelies, Slipping (Into Something), The Good Earth, Twin/Tone, 1986
  9. The Feelies, The Undertow, Only Life, A&M, 1988
  10. The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms (Live on Sound Opinions), Crazy Rhythms, Stiff, 1980
  11. Nas, Breathe, Untitled, Island, 2008
  12. Nas, Can't Stop Us Now, Untitled, Island, 2008
  13. Girl Talk, What It's All About, Feed the Animals, Illegal Art, 2008
  14. Girl Talk, Like This, Feed the Animals, Illegal Art, 2008
  15. Ratatat, Dura, LP3, XL, 2008
  16. Electric Light Orchestra, Telephone Line, A New World Record, United Artists, 1976
  17. Sunny Day Real Estate, In Circles, Diary, Sub Pop, 1994
  18. Bowerbirds, In Our Talons, Hymns for a Dark Horse, Burly Time, 2007