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Joni Mitchell

Lindsay Zoladz

Jim and Greg also spoke with Lindsay Zoladz, a music critic and writer about her article for The Ringer "Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius". It explores what makes her such a unique and special artist, as well as explains how Joni was received when the album was first released and its lasting impact. Lindsay also makes some suggestions for how to approach listening to the record for the first time and explains the inherent challenges Joni faced being a female genius.

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Slow Burn

Joel Anderson, Host of Slow Burn

For the third season of Slate's hit podcast, Slow Burn, the producers took a risk in not focusing on a political scandal: season 1 was on Watergate and season 2 was on the Clinton impeachment. Instead they re-examined the lives and deaths of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G.

Jim and Greg spoke with season 3 host, Joel Anderson, about how he and his team worked to contextualize the two artists whose accents mirrored the rise of hip-hop as a mainstream cultural force.

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Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson's latest book, Supreme Glamour, details her legendary career at Motown Records (and her legendary collection of glamorous costumes). This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk to Mary Wilson of The Supremes about the beginnings of the group, their dizzying hit-making highs, and what it took to keep the group together after the exit of Diana Ross.

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Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley is a folk singer-songwriter hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2010, Shelley has released eight solo albums and last year put out Like The River Loves The Sea, a record that both Jim and Greg loved. Joan joined the hosts at the Goose Island Brewhouse in Philadelphia to talk about making that 2019 record in Iceland, going back to her bluegrass roots and her time in college on the skydiving team.

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