She & Him on Sound Opinions

She & Him & Opinions on Brazilian Girls

Actress Zooey Deschanel has briefly left behind her male movie costars for a musical one. She's joined musician M. Ward to form She & Him, Jim and Greg's guests this week. Tune in to hear the duo's intimate conversation and live performance.

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Music News

Jim and Greg start the show by warning listeners that their tax-free downloading days might soon be over. With e-commerce sales exceeding $130 billion a year, and iTunes sales hitting $5 billion, it was only a matter of time before the states started to want a piece. This year nine states have considered digital download taxes, and five of those have already enacted them into law. Certain purchases will never be subject to tax if the vendor doesn‘t have a physical presence in that state, but the bigger issue is that whether it’s through taxes on sales, taxes on file-sharing, or taxes on internet usage, the government's going to get its piece of the pie.

Isaac Hayes died earlier this week at the age of 65. As Jim and Greg reveal, the self-taught musician started out as a songwriter at Stax Records in the early '60s. He became a“master arranger,”and his raps and braggadocio provided a prototype for modern hip hop. But, he is of course most well-known for his Oscar-winning song "Theme from Shaft," which was dramatic both musically and lyrically.


She & Him

This week's guests are She & Him, the“she”being Zooey Deschanel and the“him”being Matt Ward, known to fans as M. Ward. The two met during the making of the movie“The Go-Getter”and quickly learned they were successful collaborators. She & Him's first album Volume One, is a collection of songs written by Zooey, as well as a couple of covers. Zooey explains that she's most influenced by classic pop songwriting, much of which pre-dates rock and roll. You can hear the country, doo-wop and Brill-building influence on the duo's music as they perform their songs "Take It Back" and "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" as well as two bonus tracks.

Zooey and Matt's visit to the show prompted Jim and Greg to think about other Hollywood crossover attempts — both hits and misses. Here are some other musical actors:

  • Eddie Murphy
  • Ricky Nelson
  • Brandon Cruz
  • Will Oldham
  • Scarlett Johansen
  • William Shatner

And many more…

reviewNew York CityNew York City available on iTunes

Brazilian Girls New York City

After seeing Brazilian Girls wow crowds at Lollapalooza, Jim and Greg wanted to review the latest album from the international quartet called New York City. Jim compares the group to Stereolab, with influences in '60s lounge music, as well as German krautrock, but explains they are more danceable. He loves lead singer Sabina Sciubba's on-stage and on-record persona which is part Nico, part Jane Birkin and part Astrud Gilberto. He gives the album a Buy It. Greg is less enthused. He finds the album to be pleasant, but less up-tempo than previous efforts. He wishes they had more to say and thinks it's just merely background music. He gives it a Try It.


Featured Songs

  1. The JB's, I'm Payin‘ Taxes, What Am I Buyin’, Damn Right I Am Somebody, Universal, 1974
  2. Isaac Hayes, I Stand Accused, The Isaac Hayes Movement, Enterprise, 1970
  3. Isaac Hayes, Theme From Shaft, Shaft, Enterprise, 1971
  4. She & Him, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here, Volume One, Merge, 2008
  5. She & Him, Change is Hard, Volume One, Merge, 2008
  6. She & Him, Take it Back, Volume One, Merge, 2008
  7. She & Him, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Volume One, Merge, 2008
  8. She & Him, You Really Got A Hold On Me (Live on Sound Opinions), Volume One, Merge, 2008
  9. She & Him, This is Not a Test, Volume One, Merge, 2008
  10. Eddie Murphy, Party All the Time, How Could It Be, Columbia, 1985
  11. Rick Nelson, Garden Party, Garden Party, Geffen, 1972
  12. Brandon Cruz, Superman, Eddie Is a Punk, Taang!, 1998
  13. Bonnie Prince Billy, I See a Darkness, I See a Darkness, Palace, 1999
  14. Scarlett Johansen, Anywhere I Lay My Head, Anywhere I Lay My Head, Atco, 2008
  15. William Shatner, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, The Transformed Man, Decca, 1968
  16. Brazilian Girls, Internacional, New York City, Verve Forecast, 2008
  17. Brazilian Girls, Good Time, New York City, Verve Forecast, 2008
  18. Brazilian Girls, Strangeboy, New York City, Verve Forecast, 2008
  19. The Good, the Bad & the Queen“80's Life,”The Good, the Bad & the Queen, Parlophone, 2007
  20. Ciara, Pick Up the Phone, Goodies, LaFace, 2004
  21. The Hold Steady, Lord, I'm Discouraged, Stay Positive, Vagrant, 2008
  22. Chris Brown, Forever, Exclusive, Zomba Group of Companies, 2008
  23. Black Kids, Partie Traumatic, Partie Traumatic, Almost Gold, 2008

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