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The Hold Steady & Opinions on Bruce Springsteen and Andrew Bird

Working On a DreamWorking on a Dream available on iTunes

Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream

Bruce Springsteen has released his 16th album called Working on a Dream. Debates about The Boss are notorious on Sound Opinions, but with each new album the slate is wiped clean. So has this record made Jim a convert? Not exactly. He hates the half of the album that contains one warm and fuzzy, inspirational song after the next. And he hates the other half, full of monumentally failed experiments, even more. Jim gives Bruce a Trash It, and that's no surprise to our listeners. What is a surprise is Greg's take. He is, for the most part, a Springsteen appreciator. But, he isn't hearing great songwriting on Working on a Dream. Musically, it's okay, but lyrically, it's disappointing. Greg gives the album a Try It.