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Rock Doctors Couples Therapy & Opinions on Chris Cornell and Cursive

Mama, I'm SwollenMama, I'm Swollen available on iTunes

Cursive Mama, I'm Swollen

Omaha band Cursive has a new album out this week called Mama, I'm Swollen. Jim and Greg got a sneak preview of some of the songs on this album when they talked to the band last year. Now that it's out, they can say whether or not it lives up to the high point of Happy Hollow. Greg thinks lead singer and songwriter Tim Kasher is one of the most brilliant songwriters of the past decade. He hears him wrestling with a lot of issues on this album and wouldn‘t be surprised if this is the last Cursive release. Unfortunately, it’s not their best. Greg gives the album a Try It rating. Jim thinks Greg needs a little more time with the album. He thinks Kasher is asking some really important questions about his generation. He gives Mama, I'm Swollen a Buy It.