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The Rock Doctors treat Peter Sagal

Featured Songs

  1. Arctic Monkeys,“Bigger Boys With Stolen Sweethearts”
  2. Janet Jackson,“Call on Me,”20 Years Old,
  3. Jessica Simpson,“A Public Affair,”A Public Affair,
  4. Ramones,“Let's Go,”End of the Century
  5. Black Sabbath,“Rock and Roll Doctor,”Technical Ecstacy,
  6. Elvis Costello, "Blood and Chocolate"
  7. Elvis Costello,“I Almost Had a Weakness,”Juliet Letters,
  8. The Rolling Stones,“Dear Doctor,”Beggars Banquet
  9. Belle and Sebastian,“Act of the Apostle,”The Life Pursuit,
  10. The Decemberists,“Sixteen Military Wives,”Picaresque
  11. New Pornographers,“Bleeding Heart Show,”Twin Cinema
  12. Kanye West,“Heard 'Em Say,”Late Registration
  13. Dr. Octagon,“Dr. Octagon,”The Return of Dr. Octagon
  14. Michael Franti & Spearhead,“Time to Go Home,”Yell Fire!
  15. Michael Franti & Spearhead,“Everybody Ona Move,”Yell Fire!
  16. Peaches,“Boys Want to Be Her,”Impeach My Bush
  17. Peaches,“Two Guys for Every Girl,”Impeach My Bush
  18. Grace Jones,“She's Lost Control,”Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions