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The Rock Doctors treat Peter Sagal

Music News

Online social forum is the number-one most-frequented web site in the U.S., according to internet traffic firm Hitwise, placing MySpace above Internet giant Yahoo. And while these stats are sometimes dubious, the influence of MySpace on the youth market, and particularly on music fans, cannot be denied. The website, which started as a rather grassroots way for bands to post their music and communicate with fans, caught the attention of major labels and media insiders. It was purchased by Rupert Murdoch last year, and is already being copied by the likes of Walmart.

Record labels seem to be trying everything under the sun to make their products stand out. Two recent gimmicks caught Jim and Greg's attention. The first was by pop diva Janet Jackson. Ms. Jackson hasn't been heard from in some time and is hoping that her upcoming album, produced by boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, could be her big comeback. Her label, Virgin Records, wants fans to get in on the marketing as well. They're leaving it up to the public to create the album art for 20 Years Old, due out in September. Fans are limited to Jackson-approved photos, though, so you won't be seeing any of this in record stores.

The second pop star stunt comes from Jessica Simpson. The ex-newlywed recently released the single "Public Affair," and besides playing it on MTV, airing it on the radio and selling it on iTunes, the Simpson camp is also offering a customizable version. Fans who want to feel close to Jessica (or, rather, her backing vocalists) can purchase versions of the track with their names inserted into the lyrics. There are about 500 names to choose from, so thankfully it wasn't hard to find“Jim”or“Greg”— but those with unusual names will have to wait a few weeks. Sorry, Suri.