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Shirley Collins & Opinions on Japandroids & Ty Segall

Near To The Wild Heart Of LifeNear to the Wild Heart of Life available on iTunes

Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Canadian rock band Japandroids have just released their first album since 2012, Near to the Wild Heart of Life. Many people thought this band wasn't going to return to the road or the recording studios, but both Jim and Greg were fans of their previous two albums. Greg thinks this album is just okay, and many of the songs clocking out several minutes longer than they should. He admires the ambition of Near to the Wild Heart of Life, but thinks that the group ended up sacrificing their fun, signature rock and roll sound in the process. Greg gives it a Try It. Jim thinks Greg is being a little grumpier than he needs to be about this record. He thinks they get the“barroom sage poet”element just right. He also likes the instrumental experimentation, and gives this album a Buy It.