The Gotobeds

The Gotobeds & Opinions on Lupe Fiasco

The Gotobeds are known for outrageous stage antics and a biting sense of humor. But behind that is a lyrical sophistication and tight musicianship. The Pittsburgh post-punk band joins Jim and Greg for a raucous performance in the studio. Plus, a review of the new album from Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco.

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The Gotobeds

After playing for years in the Pittsburgh punk band Kim Phuc, guitarist and vocalist Eli Kasan formed The Gotobeds along with guitarst Tom Payne, bassist Gavin Jensen, and drummer Cary Belback. The band quickly gained a following for its mix of funny, yet sophisticated, lyrics and post-punk artiness (Jim gleefully points out that they named themselves after the drummer for Wire). Their debut album Poor People are Revolting was released in 2014, followed by their Red Hot Chili Peppers-riffing Sub Pop release Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic in 2016. Both albums made it into Jim's top ten lists for their respective years. The Gotobeds join Jim and Greg for a live performance and a discussion about commercialism in indie rock, the Pittsburgh scene, and not taking yourself too seriously.

reviewDROGAS LightDROGAS Light available on iTunes

Lupe Fiasco DROGAS Light

After a public battle with his former music label, Atlantic, rapper Lupe Fiasco has finally released a new album. DROGAS Light is Fiasco's sixth studio record, and is the first of his final trilogy of albums. Jim has always enjoyed Lupe's music, and says that he is one of the most intelligent people he has ever interviewed. That being said, this album is not reflective of his intellect and lyrical prowess. Many of the tracks feel like leftovers from other projects and sound far too much like bad commercial rap songs. Jim gives it a Try It at best. Greg is also a huge fan of Lupe, and almost always finds his music profound and interesting. However he finds DROGAS Light to be repetitive, crass and unimaginative. Although it pains him to do it, Greg gives this album a Trash It.


Sample Platter: Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push"

In 2006, Lupe Fiasco released the song "Kick, Push" which introduced Lupe to a national audience. According to Jim, the song accomplished for skateboarding what the Beach Boys did for surfing. In this installment of Sample Platter, Jim and Greg talk about the unconventional sample that drives "Kick, Push". The sample is pulled from Philipina singer Celeste Legaspi's early 1980s song "Bolero Medley." Plus, we hear Lupe's take on the sample, and how it created inroads for new audiences.



“Wipeout”The Surfaris

This dreary February weather has Jim dreaming of the sun and sand of the beach. What better way to convey the feeling of an endless summer than surf music? Jim is taking an iconic track to the desert island that also happens to be laden with great drumming, The Surfaris' "Wipeout." This song is the embodiment of great surf music, between the guitar, drums and sound effects, it makes you feel like you're heading out into the water to catch some big waves.

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