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Buried Treasures & Beatles Audio Engineer Geoff Emerick

Featured Songs

  1. Gia Margaret, Birthday, There's Always Glimmer, Orindal, 2018
  2. The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby, Revolver, Parlophone, 1966
  3. The Beatles, Getting Better, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone, 1967
  4. Ethers, Something, Ethers, Trouble In Mind, 2018
  5. The Beths, Future Me Hates Me, Future Me Hates Me, Carpark Records, 2018
  6. Our Girl, In My Head, Stranger Today, Cannibal Hymns, 2018
  7. Matt Muse, Getting To It, Nappy Talk, self-released, 2018
  8. Foxing, Nearer My God, Nearer My God, Triple Crown, 2018
  9. Jungle, Smile, For Ever, XL, 2018
  10. Orquesta Akokán, Mambo Rapidito, Orquesta Akokán, Daptone, 2018
  11. Alastor, Slave to the Grave, Slave to the Grave (Single), self-released, 2018
  12. Camera, PATROUILLE, PATROUILLE (Single), self-released, 2018
  13. Erthlings, Bridges, Bridges (Single), Future Classic, 2018
  14. Bēkon, Cold As Ice, Get With the Times, Candy And Promises, 2018
  15. The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows, Revolver, Parlophone, 1966
  16. The Beatles, Yellow Submarine, Revolver, Parlophone, 1966
  17. The Beatles, A Day In The Life, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone, 1967
  18. Jim Croce, Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels), You Don't Mess Around With Jim, ABC, 1972
  19. David Bowie, Heroes, "Heroes", RCA, 1977
  20. MC5, Ramblin' Rose, Kick Out the Jams, Elektra, 1969
  21. MC5, Kick Out the Jams, Kick Out the Jams, Elektra, 1969
  22. Wayne Kramer, Crack In the Universe, The Hard Stuff, Epitaph, 1995