dijs 2017




“Wipeout”The Surfaris

This dreary February weather has Jim dreaming of the sun and sand of the beach. What better way to convey the feeling of an endless summer than surf music? Jim is taking an iconic track to the desert island that also happens to be laden with great drumming, The Surfaris' "Wipeout." This song is the embodiment of great surf music, between the guitar, drums and sound effects, it makes you feel like you're heading out into the water to catch some big waves.

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“Can't Stand the Midwest”Dow Jones & The Industrials

This week, it's Jim's turn to bring a track he can't live without to play in the desert island jukebox. He selects the song "Can't Stand the Midwest" by Dow Jones & The Industrials. The Indiana band came up in the emerging punk scene in the late '70s and early '80s, however Jim didn‘t discover them until fairly recently when their music was reissued. While the band never found huge fame, their fast and dynamic songs could sustain Jim on a desert island for quite a while. He chose“Can’t Stand the Midwest”to highlight, because although Jim has called the Midwest home for a number of years now, it can sometimes make even him a little stir crazy.

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