Buried Treasures & Opinions on Grinderman

There’s simply too much good music out there that goes unheard. So, this week on the show Jim and Greg will unearth some Buried Treasures to add to your collection of musical gems.

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Music News

First up in the news Jim and Greg discuss a recent TV commercial featuring music by The Beatles. The diaper company Luvs has taken the 1967 peace anthem "All You Need Is Love," and turned it into the jingle "All You Need is Luvs," and some Beatles fans are worried that this soils the song's meaning. The Fab Four's songs have been used a few times in advertising, especially since the catalog has come under the joint control of Sony Corp. and pop singer Michael Jackson.

Also in the news is rapper 50 Cent's lawsuit against internet ad company Traffix Inc. The hip hop star is taking issue with Traffix Inc's recent ad campaign that features his cartoon image and encourages people to "shoot the rapper" and win $5,000 or five ringtones. While Jim and Greg agree this is pretty distasteful, they wonder if 50 Cent's real beef is that he didn't come up with the idea himself. The hip hop star has based his image on his own violent background, which includes being shot nine times.

Buried Treasures

Next Jim and Greg dig up some recent Buried Treasures. Here are some albums you may not have heard, but should.


  • Ra Ra Riot, Ra Ra Riot
  • Once: Music from the Motion Picture
  • Dragons, Condition
  • Richard Thompson, Sweet Warrior


  • Ben Weasel, These Ones Are Bitter
  • Dean and Britta, Back Numbers
  • Lee Hazlewood, Cake or Death
  • Porcupine Tree, Fear of a Blank Planet
  • Githead, Art Pop

Grinderman Grinderman

Grinderman 2

Literary punk  Nick Cave's new side project Grinderman is a Buried Treasure both Jim and Greg can agree on. The singer/songwriter is joined by Martyn Casey on bass, Jim Sclavunos on drums and Warren Ellis on electric bouzouki, violin and guitars.. The result is a filthy, punk-blues sound that Jim and Greg love. Jim in particular loves how frightening Cave can be and wishes there was more of that dark, dirty spark in rock and roll. Both the sound and the lyrics have a lot of attitude on this album, and Greg appreciates how Cave is thumbing his nose those who perceive him as an erudite professor. Both critics give Grinderman a Buy It.

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