Bermuda Triange

Bands of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle: Jim and Greg remember bands they thought were destined for big things, but which disappeared with barely a trace. Later, Jim and Greg review a new album by the California indie rock band Warpaint.

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Music News

Digitally-savvy Deadheads rejoice! Jerry Garcia's official website is getting an impressive makeover which includes a massive archive of 15,000 hours worth of Grateful Dead material to listen to for free, some of them fan recordings. Jim notes that these bootlegs have been circulating around for a long time, usually traded in person. But now with this update, fans can swap in a virtual“Parking Lot.”The website is so comprehensive that Jim and Greg think the only offerings missing are grilled cheese sandwiches and mind-altering substances.

Tweens across the country are raising their tiny fists to self-empowerment anthem "Let It Go" from Disney's latest animated feature, Frozen. The single, sung by Demi Lovato, is flying up the Billboard charts with over a half million downloads sold. But, only six radio stations nationwide have reported playing the song on-air. Jim and Greg say this isn't the first time an album or single has made it big without the help of radio. Just look at Beyonce's latest release or the Les Misérables soundtrack. Both hosts take this as just another sign of the FM dial is loosing its hit making-or-breaking influence.

Ella Fitzgerald is known for her perfect pitch, something long thought to be a skill developed early in life by only a lucky few. But Professor Takao Hensch of Harvard University says that he's got a pill that makes it possible for anyone to gain that skill, regardless of age. The pill is normally used to treat epilepsy by temporarily retiring the brain to a juvenile-like state, which just happens to be the perfect time to learn all kinds of things. Jim and Greg smile at the idea of auto-tune going by the wayside. But, is taking a pill for perfect pitch like taking steroids in sports? Also, if every artist had perfect pitch, the world may never know another Bob Dylan or Lauren Hill whose voices brim with personality. Perfection is overrated, says Jim.


Bands of the Bermunda Triangle

Remember that artist you fell in love with, hard, for about two months in 1992? Where are they now? Hopefully not in the Bermuda Triangle of Rock. This is the mysterious musical phenomenon where one day a band can be the next big thing, and the day after, poof, they're gone! Jim and Greg resurrect some of their favorite acts from the Bermuda Triangle including:

reviewWarpaintWarpaint available on iTunes

Warpaint Warpaint

Los Angeles space pop quartet Warpaint is back with a self-titled sophomore record. Formed in 2004, Warpaint spent years refining its sound and lineup before dropping its debut LP, The Fool, in 2010. By that time, founding members Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Emily Kokal had brought onboard gifted Aussie drummer Stella Mozgawa. Jim enjoyed The Fool and had high-hopes for the follow-up—but when he saw super-producers Flood and Nigel Godrich behind the board on this album, he prepared for bombast. What he found instead was subtle music that rewards close listening. It's a strong soundtrack for household chores and Valentine's Day alike, and Jim would definitely Buy It. Greg is impressed with how this band has evolved, with Mozgawa's drums perfecting the give-and-take between all four instruments. Although this record has fewer rock hooks than their debut, he salutes Warpaint for infusing ambient music with unexpected harmonies and“shimmy.”You might have to dig deep to find the groove, says Greg, but if you invest the time, Warpaint is a surefire Buy It.


Featured Songs

  1. Grateful Dead, Uncle Jon's Band, Workingman's Dead, Warner Bros., 1970
  2. Demi Lovato, Let It Go, Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Walt Disney, 2013
  3. Ella Fitzgerald, Summertime, Porgy and Bess, Verve, 1957
  4. Fleetwood Mac, Bermuda Triangle, Heroes Are Hard to Find, Reprise, 1974
  5. Mellow, Paris Sous la Neige, Another Mellow Spring, Higher Octave, 2001
  6. The Paybacks, Black Girl, Knock Loud, Get Hip, 2002
  7. Blondie, Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45), Plastic Letters, Chrysalis, 1978
  8. Loud Lucy, Ticking, Breathe, DGC/Geffen, 1995
  9. Cannibal Ox, Iron Galaxy, The Cold Vein, Definitive Jux, 2001
  10. Divine Styler, Walk of Exodus, Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light, Giant/Reprise/Warner Bros., 1992
  11. Bloque, Daño en el Baño, Bloque de Busqueda, Luaka Bop, 1998
  12. Barry Manilow, Bermuda Triangle, Barry, Arista, 1980
  13. Roky Erickson, Bermuda, Don't Slander Me, Light In the Attic Records, 1986
  14. The She Creatures, Sexy Robot, Sexy Robot (Single), self-released, 2007
  15. Propellerheads, History Repeating, Decksandrumsandrockandroll, Dreamworks, 1998
  16. Warpaint, Disco//Very, Warpaint, Rough Trade, 2014
  17. Warpaint, Love Is to Die, Warpaint, Rough Trade, 2014
  18. The Beatles, Any Time At All, A Hard Day's Night, Parlophone, 1964
  19. Bob Dylan, Something (Live at Madison Square Garden), freely available on YouTube, unreleased, 2002
  20. The Beatles, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone/Capitol, 1967
  21. The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows, Revolver, Parlophone, 1966

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