The Mekons

The Mekons & Opinions on Dawn Richard

Formed in 1977 in the original British punk wave, The Mekons are still going strong nearly four decades later. The band joins Jim and Greg in the studio to demonstrate its eclectic blend of country, folk, and punk rock. Plus, a review of the new album from R&B singer Dawn Richard.

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The Mekons

To put it simply, The Mekons are a bit of an enigma. The 40-year-old band hails from the English punk scene, with contemporaries including The Sex Pistols and The Clash. However since 1977, The Mekons have been writing their own unique narrative. The group worshipped American roots music from artists like Hank Williams, and blended their raucous live performance style with sounds of punk, country, folk and more. The Mekons have always had a revolving line-up, and three members joined Jim and Greg for a chat and live performance: Jon Langford, Tom Greenhalgh and Lu Edmonds. They talk about their long career, a short stint on a major label and the unusual methods used to record their latest album, Existentalism.

reviewRedemptionRedemption available on iTunes

Dawn Richard Redemption

Dawn Richard has flown largely under the radar for most of her career. Born and raised in New Orleans, Richard got her start in the Diddy-formed girl group Danity Kane in the early 2000s. She eventually became a solo artist, and her new record Redemption is the last in a trilogy of albums. Greg was really impressed by this record and Richard's ability to make meaningful and political electronic music. In addition to her smart lyrics, he commends her vocal ability and impact as a budding artist. Greg gives it a Buy It. Jim is in agreement, he thinks Richard's album shows the best side of thoughtful electronic music. Jim loves that Richard is finally getting to make the kind of music she wants, and gives Redemption a Buy It.



“A Young Man (Young Man Blues)”Mose Allison

Greg's desert island jukebox pick this week pays tribute to the late Mose Allison. The great jazz pianist died this November at age 89. Allison had a storied career and impacted artists outside of the jazz world like Pete Townshend and John Mayall. Greg chose the track "A Young Man (Young Man Blues)" a song representative of Allison's unique talent both as a lyricist and a performer.

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