Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures & Ron Gallo

Each season, there's a few highly anticipated albums with a ton of buzz behind them. Then there are other deserving records that won't get that kind of attention. Jim and Greg share their latest batch of Buried Treasures: hidden musical gems that everyone ought to hear. Plus, a conversation and live performance from Philadelphia indie rocker Ron Gallo.

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Buried Treasures

So many records are released each year that many deserving albums get lost in the noise. This week, Jim and Greg unearth another set of Buried Treasures – hidden musical gems from the last year that you may have missed, but deserve a place in your music library.




Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo, formerly of indie Philadelphia rock group Toy Soldiers, released a new album titled HEAVY META earlier this year. While Toy Soldiers experimented with Americana as well as more straightforward rock, HEAVY META marks a stylistic departure for Gallo. Ron says the record comes at a time of transition in his life, both personally and musically. A recent transplant to Nashville, Ron experiments with a grittier musical palate on this project. Upon the release of HEAVY META, Greg listed it among his buried treasures. Jim also counts himself a fan, noting that some of the music sounds like it belongs on one of the famed Nuggets compilations of 1960s garage rock recordings. Recently, Ron and his band joined Jim and Greg in our studios to perform music from HEAVY META.

Featured Songs

  1. Edwin, Uncontrollable Pride, You Have No Idea, Man (EP), Dogs On Tour, 2017
  2. Ron Gallo, Put the Kids to Bed / Kill the Medicine Man (Live on Sound Opinions), HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  3. Middle Kids, Edge of Town, Middle Kids (EP), EMI Music Australia, 2017
  4. Gang of Youths, Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane, Go Farther In Lightness, Mosy Recordings, 2017
  5. Italian Beaches, Resolve, Lady Parts!, Desperate Spirits, 2017
  6. Melkbelly, Off the Lot, Nothing Valley, Wax Nine, 2017
  7. Omnipotent Youth Society, Kill the One from Shijiazhuang, Omnipotent Youth Society, self-released, 2010
  8. Ron Gallo, Young Lady, You're Scaring Me, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  9. Toy Soldiers, Heart in a Mousetrap, The Maybe Boys, self-released, 2013
  10. Screamin Jay Hawkins, Frenzy, Frenzy (single), Okeh, 1957
  11. Ron Gallo, Kill the Medicine Man, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  12. Ron Gallo, Don't Mind the Lion, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  13. Ron Gallo, Not Everybody is You (Live on Sound Opinions), Not Everybody Is You (single), New West, 2017
  14. Ron Gallo, Please Yourself, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  15. Ron Gallo, Black Market Eyes, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  16. Ron Gallo, All the Punks are Domesticated (Live on Sound Opinions), HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  17. Ron Gallo, Poor Traits of the Artist, HEAVY META, New West, 2017
  18. Fats Domino, I've Been Calling, What a Party!, Imperial, 1961
  19. Fats Domino, Blueberry Hill, Blueberry Hill (single), Imperial, 1956
  20. Blue Stingrays, Goldfinger, Surf-N-Burn, Epitone, 1997
  21. Luke the Drifter, Men with Broken Hearts, Just Waitin' (single), MGM, 1951