Best Movie Soundtracks Pt. 2 & Opinions on the Black Panther Soundtrack

Best Movie Soundtracks

A film's soundtrack can be as memorable as its visuals. So as this awards season winds down, Jim and Greg pick some of their favorite film soundtracks. Plus, they'll review the soundtrack to the movie Black Panther.

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Black Panther Kendrick Lamar, SZA, the Weeknd, Anderson Paak & Vince Staples

Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By

The film Black Panther has broken all sorts of box office records, but its the soundtrack that has caught Jim and Greg's attention. Helmed by Kendrick Lamar, the album features a stars like SZA, the Weeknd and Anderson Paak; but Greg notes that lesser known artists like singer Jorja Smith and South African rapper Yugen Blakrock are "the real revelation" here. Greg says Blakrock goes toe to toe and holds her own against Vince Staples on Opps. He adds that producer Sounwave contributes a "haunted" Carribean sound. Jim loves the "musical variety: R&B, rap, afro soul, and South African pop. He notes that though the album isn't as closely connected to the film as Curtis Mayfield's 1972 classic Super Fly, it is "a wonderful companion to the film". Jim and Greg give the album a double Buy It.

Best Soundtracks, Part 2

From Do the Right Thing to Lost In Translation, Jim and Greg share another batch of their favorite movie soundtracks. We also hear some listeners make the case for their favorites.

Here are their picks:


  • More
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Magnolia
  • Do The Right Thing


  • 24 Hour Party People
  • Lost In Translation
  • Shaft
  • Manhunter

Listeners’ Picks:

  • Times Square
  • Pulp Fiction & Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Tron
  • The Harder They Come

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