Buried Treasures & Tasha

It's time again for Jim and Greg to share their latest buried treasures: recently released, under-the-radar albums you need to hear! They'll also chat with Chicago singer, songwriter and guitarist Tasha about her music, which champions marginalized people as well as prioritizes topics like self care.

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Buried Treasures

The dog days of summer call for new and exciting music. Jim and Greg are here to share some of their buried treasures - new songs to get you through the rest of summer. Plus, KEXP DJ Eva Walker joins them to share some picks of her own.


  • Bleached, "Hard to Kill"
  • Amber Mark, "What If"
  • Spirit Adrift, "Divided by Darkness"


  • Angelica Garcia, "It Don’t Hinder Me"
  • Ian Ferguson, "State of Gold"
  • GRLwood, "I Hate My Mom"


  • Brett Benton, "Alligator (feat. Cedric Burnside)"
  • Julius Smack, "I Say What I Want"



This week, Jim and Greg talk with Chicago singer, songwriter and guitarist Tasha. She was one of Greg's buried treasures after seeing her dazzle onstage at South By Southwest earlier this year. She released an EP in 2016 and her debut album, Alone At Last, came out last year. As a poet and activist, Tasha's music is a blend of soft sounds and tough truths embedded in the lyrics. Some of the themes she explores are as heavy as racial and gender inequality and as restorative as self care and rest. They talk with her about the latest album, her activism and what she does for self care.

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