Buried Treasures

It's time for another round of Buried Treasures. Jim and Greg have a stockpile of musical gems they're dying to unearth.

Buried Coin
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Music News

Two scientists out of the University of London recently announced findings that file-sharing in Canada has no negative effect on CD sales. In fact, it increases sales. Jim and Greg speak with one of the researchers, Dr. Birgitte Andersen, about the study and its implications for the music industry. Dr. Andersen explains if you just compare (illegal) downloaders with non-downloaders, the downloaders don't purchase any more or fewer CDs than those who purchase music traditionally. And if you just look at the purchasing patterns of downloaders, those who download a lot bought more music than those who downloaded a little. There's been quite a lot of discussion about the meaning of this study, but it seems the music industry needs to find something else to blame for its lack of sales.

Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg unearth another batch of Buried Treasures. Here are this week's gems:


  • Against Me!
  • The Black Lips
  • Valerie Project
  • Pinback
  • Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
  • Electric Six


  • Tunng
  • Bettye LaVette
  • Tinariwen
  • Qui
  • The 1900s

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