Don Felder & Opinions on Deerhunter and Q-Tip

Guitarist Don Felder joins Jim and Greg for a conversation about the ups and downs of life with the Eagles. Plus they'll review new albums from former A Tribe Called Quest-er, Q-Tip, and Deerhunter.

Don Felder
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Music News

Music fans and industry analysts have long been wondering when The Beatles would go digital. Many suspected that a deal with iTunes was in the works. But no one could have predicted that the band's foray into the digital universe would be through a video game. Apple Corps has announced a deal with Viacom's Rock Band to feature the Brits in the hit-selling game series. The Beatles see this as a way to reach a new generation of listeners, but Jim doesn't think the game has much to do with music and is certain that members of the group could reach more fans merely by lowering ticket prices.

There have been two major reunion announcements that both daze and confuse Jim and Greg. The first is an almost confirmed rumor that Led Zeppelin will be going out on tour sans lead singer Robert Plant. This would leave only 2 of the original members, and no one, including the band's former promoter, is sure how they can call themselves Zeppelin. In other bizarre reunion news, the Jackson 5 will be coming to a town near you, only Jackson 4 might be a more appropriate name. Michael will be sitting this one out.

The final news story this week signifies another nail in the coffin of the music industry's glory days. One of the true music-loving record executives, Alan McGee, has announced that he is retiring from the biz. McGee founded Creation Records, which launched acts like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. More recently he has been managing acts like Oasis and The Libertines. Now on his Facebook page he states, "I think I'm a man of the times, kind of like Tony Wilson really. We don't really have a place in the music industry anymore because we actually like music." And Jim and Greg believe that's the truth. Most of the higher-ups are money men, rather than music men. They are certainly going to miss McGee's passion.

Don Felder

Guitarist Don Felder joins Jim and Greg this week. Felder was a member of The Eagles from 1974-1980, and then again 1994-2001. He recently wrote a book about those years called Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles, and Jim and Greg were eager to get the inside scoop on the notoriously contentious band. Felder, who played with Stephen Stills, Tom Petty and The Allmans prior to the Eagles, also reveals what it was like to pen a classic tune like "Hotel California." While the Eagles weren't improvisational, Felder credits learning jazz guitar with giving him the techniques necessary to play onstage and in the studio. Unfortunately those musical skills don't help one survive life in a band.

Microcastle Deerhunter


Next up Jim and Greg review Deerhunter's third album Microcastle. Jim describes the lead singer Bradford Cox as being obsessed with Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine, so listeners can imagine they are kindred spirits. Jim thinks these two discs are brilliant and gives them a Buy It rating. Greg agrees that you can hear Cox's love for experimentation in this sound. He didn't hear much expression lyrically, but luckily the sound makes up for it. For sheer ambition alone, Greg gives Microcastle another Buy It.

The Renaissance Q-Tip

The Renaissance

Q-Tip has released his first solo album in over a decade. The former A Tribe Called Quest member is hugely influential in the hip-hop world, so Jim and Greg were eager to hear The Renaissance. Jim thinks the rapper had a bit more to say back in the day, but finds his voice to still be great. Greg agrees and was happy to hear that there is nothing dated about the sound of the album compared to his last one. Both critics recommend fans Buy  The Renaissance.

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