Best Live Albums & Opinions on Leonard Cohen

With the summer concert season approaching Jim and Greg name the best live albums of all time. They also take a look at Leonard Cohen's latest concert record, Leonard Cohen: Live in London.

Live Music
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00:01:12 After much controversy, Oklahoma has finally declared a new state song: "Do You Realize??" by The Flaming Lips. The native sons have always been proud Sooners, but their politics often go against the state's grain. After the people and the Senate approved this choice, conservatives in the House rejected the song. Despite this, Governor Brad Henry has signed an executive order naming "Do You Realize??" the official state rock song. Sometimes democracy does pay off.

00:03:54 It's easy to assume that rock stars are immune to the current economic crisis, but a recent UK survey shows that artists there have taken some big hits. Elton John's personal wealth fell by more than 25%. So the "Rocket Man" is going to have to get by on merely $256.8 million. Paul McCartney's wealth fell 12% bringing his fortune to only $88 million. And Mick Jagger fared even worse. He took a 16% hit and now only has $278 million to live off of. Jim and Greg hope these musicians know how to make Ramen.

Live Albums

The concept of a Live Album is a controversial one for many rock fans. Some see these releases as merely filler between proper new albums. And some see these records as a way to experience a specific musical moment again. For Jim and Greg, the following are great albums because they either bring something new to an artist's work, or capture a time worth remembering. As you gear up for the summer concert season, enjoy the following live albums:


  • Bill Withers, Live at Carnegie Hall
  • Ani DiFranco, Living in Clip
  • Velvet Underground, Velvet Underground Live: 1969
  • Nirvana, Unplugged


  • James Brown, Live at the Apollo
  • X-Ray Spex, Live at the Roxy
  • MC5, Kick Out the Jams
  • Jethro Tull, Bursting Out

Listeners’ Picks

Listeners John from Chicago and Dave from Clarendon Hills, IL also nominate these live albums:

  • The Who, Live at Leeds
  • Bob Dylan, Live 66

Live in London Leonard Cohen

Live In London

74 year-old rock poet Leonard Cohen has gone out on his first tour in 15 years. He's also released a concert album Live in London. Jim thinks the record is one of those rare live gems that's more than just a souvenir. He found most of his studio albums overdone and really appreciates hearing this authentic performance. Jim gives this live album an enthusiastic Buy It rating. Greg has a few reservations about this record, including some of the instrumentation and backing vocals. But, for one stop Leonard Cohen shopping, this is a great pick. He also gives Live in London a Buy It.

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