Beach House & Opinions on Erykah Badu

Jim and Greg are joined by the Baltimore duo Beach House and review the new Erykah Badu record.

Beach House
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Last week a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC has limited power for web traffic under current law. This decision was the result of Comcast's decision to slow its customers' access to and will have a major impact on other ISP's ability to block or charge for access to specific sites. It has also prompted more debate about net neutrality, or the principle that the web should remain open and unrestricted for all. Jim and Greg talk to Michael Bracy, policy director of the Future of Music Coalition, about how the FCC will need to move forward if it wants to protect an open Internet.

Beach House

Beach House

As Jim says, Beach House is in the house this week. The Baltimore duo of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand recently released their major label debut Teen Dream. They first gained notice with their self-titled indie release in 2006, and later with 2008's Devotion, though Jim and Greg were less enamored with that record. As Victoria and Alex explain to Jim and Greg, having more resources enabled them to expand their sound, without sacrificing the dreamy intimacy for which they're known. Victoria has a unique vocal style, but she insists it's just what comes naturally to her. Alex describes their musical pairing as "the best and most instantly rewarding."

Return of the Ankh Erykah Badu

New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh

The second installment of Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah series is out now: Return of the Ankh. The neo-soul goddess has been in the press recently due to controversy over the album's first video, but Jim and Greg know that she's more about shock and awe. Neither find New Amerykah Part Two to be an easy listen. Greg admits it has a very weird vibe, and lacks hooks, but he think it's worth the challenge. Jim agrees. He's always admired Badu, but was disappointed at first in the sleepy nature of the record. After multiple listens, though, it kicked in. Erykah Badu gets a double Buy It.


Greg honors Malcolm McLaren in the Desert Island Jukebox segment. McLaren, a central figure in the British punk scene, died last week at 64. He's best known as the manager of the Sex Pistols, but as Greg explains, he was equally influential in bringing hip hop to the masses. McLaren was exposed to hip hop in the early '80s, and was blown away by the beats, art and music surrounding the genre-one that, like punk, centered around urban life and anti-establishment. So, in memory of McLaren, Greg adds a hip hop-inspired song from his first solo album Duck Rock called "Double Dutch."

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