Electric Warrior (Classic Album Dissection) & Opinions on John Mellencamp

Jim and Greg conduct a Classic Album Dissection of T. Rex's quintessential glam rock release Electric Warrior.

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Just when you thought there weren't enough music industry lawsuits, now they're going after people before they even commit the crime! AEG and Live Nation have jumped on a growing legal trend in the concert world by filing a trademark infringement claim against John Does and Jane Does. In anticipation of a number of concerts across the country, the companies have petitioned the courts to have federal and local authorities seize trademark-infringing gear. Considering last month's news that the RIAA has wasted a ton of dough on lawsuits, this one leaves Jim and Greg scratching their heads.

Jazz great Abbey Lincoln died this week at age 80. Lincoln began as a "Marilyn Monroe type," but remade herself as an intense, political vocalist after meeting Max Roach. To honor Lincoln Jim and Greg play "Driva’ Man," her performance on Roach's 1960 Freedom Now Suite.

Electric Warrior

Electric Warrior (Remastered)

David Bowie gets all the glam rock credit. But real fans know the look and the sound go back to T. Rex's 1971 release Electric Warrior. Singer  Marc Bolan shook off some of his "pixie dust" and hippy-dippy Tyrannosaurus Rex sound to create a glossy, sexy record full of humor, sadness and lots of electric guitar fuzz, not to mention his signature vibrato. Jim and Greg talk to the album's producer  Tony Visconti about Electric Warrior's recording. They also highlight their favorite tracks: Jim went with "Rip Off," a song that is as silly as it is indignant. Greg chose "Cosmic Dancer," which he says illustrates Bolan's growth as well as Visconti's. And anyone who has ever watched Billy Elliot would agree.

Listen to more of Jim and Greg’s conversation with Tony Visconti, including the making of David Bowie's "Heroes".

No Better Than This John Mellencamp

No Better Than This - Single

For his new album No Better Than This, John Mellencamp teamed up with veteran producer  T. Bone Burnett. He and Burnett recorded in three iconic locations: First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Sun Studios in Memphis and the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. But Jim thinks they might have been better off staying put. He doesn't like the sound, nor does he appreciate the lack of humor. Jim gives this "pile of cow dung" a Trash It. Greg can't believe it. Not only does he love the loose songwriting, he heard a lot of humor, and tells people to Buy It.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Nigel Godrich, Broken Social Scene, The Black Lips & Beck

![Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version]](http://is4.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music/v4/2e/6b/79/2e6b791d-d28a-f152-a33e-368022a6ff11/source/600x600bb.jpg)

Reviews have been pretty solid for the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. But what about the music? The film was scored by producer  Nigel Godrich, and the soundtrack features songs by Broken Social Scene, The Black Lips and Beck, or Sex Bob Omb as the fictional band is known in the film. Greg doesn't think it holds up much as an album. It's more of a souvenir of the movie than anything else. He gives it a Trash It. Jim calls Greg cold-hearted. He loves this "generation Y mixtape," and tells people to get the record even if they don't see the movie (though he recommends that too). Jim gives a Buy It rating.

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