Copyright Criminals & Opinions on R.E.M.

Jim and Greg look at the role of sampling in music today. They talk about the history of this postmodern art form and subsequent legal debates with Kembrew McLeod, producer of Copyright Criminals.

Copyright Criminals
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Collapse Into Now R.E.M.

Collapse Into Now

It's hard to believe, but R.E.M. has put out its fifteenth album. The formerly indie quartet from Athens is now a major label trio, and many fans have been waiting for a "return to form." Well, they get it with Collapse Into Now...sort of. As Jim and Greg explain, the record is full of nods to older R.E.M. material, but nothing as strong. Why not just sit back and listen to the albums from the '80s and '90s? They add that the loss of drummer  Bill Berry keeps getting magnified as the years go by. Collapse Into Now gets a double Burn It.

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