Buried Treasures & Opinions on Brian Eno


Jim and Greg go hunting for Buried Treasures: great, lesser-known albums from this year that deserve more attention. Later they review new albums from First Aid Kit and Brian Eno with house musician Karl Hyde.

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Buried Treasures

X marks the spot! Jim and Greg done their best Indiana Jones getups and go hunting for musical Buried Treasures: artists you may not have heard, but certainly should. Here's what they turned up:


  • Kan Wakan, "Like I Need You"
  • Courtney Barnett, "Avant Gardner"
  • The Claudettes, "Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched!"
  • Sylvan Esso, "Coffee"


  • Got A Girl, "Did We Live Too Fast"
  • The Muffs, "Weird Boy Next Door"
  • Big Freedia, "Dangerous"
  • Tweens, "Be Mean"

High Life Brian Eno & Karl Hyde

High Life

Pop/Rock icon (and enabler of the Sound Opinions drinking game) Brian Eno boasts a tremendous library of groundbreaking work, as well as a long history of rich collaborations, including joint projects with artists such as the Talking Heads, David Bowie, U2, and Coldplay. Most recently, Eno joined forces with electronic  Underworlder Karl Hyde. The partnership produced two albums, Someday World and High Life, both released in rapid succession this year. Jim believes the that the two albums must be considered together, with the latter, High life, simply an extension of the first and former Someday World. That one was a "poppier" album, mostly comprised of Eno's previously unfinished pieces bolstered by Hyde's intervention. From Jim's perspective, the duo's attempt to combine Phillip Glass-minimalism with afro-beats is "not the greatest in the world" (a staggering response from the "unofficial president of the Brian Eno fan club). And most importantly it fails to provide Eno fans with what they truly want: more singing Eno. That said, an ever-faithful student, he asserts a Buy It stance for himself and a Try It for the rest of us.

Unlike Jim, Greg argues that these two albums must be viewed as two distinct entities--separate endeavors each with their own merits and shortcomings. Although he dishes out a borderline Trash It rating to the patchwork Someday World, he remarks that "the duo really hit their stride," with this second, more experimental attempt and gladly jumps on board Jim's Eno train to give High Life a Buy It.

Stay Gold First Aid Kit

Stay Gold

The Swedish duo First Aid Kit has released its 3rd album and its major label debut, Stay Gold. The band mixes 1970's folk rock with pop and country. Greg says this record is the darkest in their catalogue, but it's not despairing. They make the pain sound bearable. He says they aren't doing anything new sonically, but it's a tight, efficient, beautiful album. That said, their best record is yet to come. Therefore he gives Stay Gold a Try It rating. Jim thinks Greg is not giving this release enough credit. He loves hearing this foreign take on American roots music and says Buy It rating.

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