Buried Treasures & Opinions on Bob Seger


While the charts are dominated by old standards like Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett, there are a ton of exciting, new and lesser-known acts that deserve your attention. Jim and Greg bring you Buried Treasures. Later they review the 17th release from Detroit rocker Bob Seger.

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Music News

Remember when the recording industry was upset that you could record your music and share it via cassette? Then that technology transitioned to burning CDs. And now some car navigational systems allow drivers to record music from personal CDs in addition to calculating routes, playing DVD's, etc. Well the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies continues to dislike this practice and has launched a suit against General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. Ford, for one, is hoping that the precedent established by the Audio Home Recording Act (Congress' compromise between the record industry and CD burners) will throw this one out of court. But it will be interesting to see how this battle of the Big Guns pans out.

Jim and Greg remember electronic music pioneer Mark Bell who died this week at age 43. Bell first came to prominence as a member of the English group LFO (no, not this  LFO). But it's his work with Bjork on albums like Homogenic that we'll really miss.

Buried Treasures

Fall is traditionally the busiest time of year for new music releases, which makes it hard to know what's worth your time and what's worth a pass. Thankfully, Jim and Greg have rummaged through their records and are ready to share the albums they think deserve to be hits.


  • Sonny Knight & The Lakers, I’m Still Here
  • Liam Bailey, Definitely Now
  • Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, Lean Into The Wind
  • Say Hi, Endless Wonder


  • Ex Hex, Rips
  • Martin Carr, The Breaks
  • Gotobeds, Poor People Are Revolting
  • Syd Arthur, Sound Mirror

Ride Out Bob Seger

Ride Out

When you hear the name Bob Seger, it's fair to picture your kooky aunt dancing to "Night Moves" at the last family BBQ. But, Jim and Greg say there's more to this Detroit rocker. Now with his 17th album, this elder statesmen is having a real impact in terms of influencing sounds for his neighbors to the south in Nashville. Think Zak Brown and Travis Tritt. So, what do we hear on Ride Out? In addition to some noteworthy covers of songs by Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie and John Hiatt, he really lets his personality shine through on his own material. But, while this artist deserves the respect of you youngins, this isn't a must-own according to Jim and Greg. They say Try It.

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