Episode 500!


Sound Opinions is celebrating its 500th episode. To mark this milestone, Jim and Greg share highlights from the show’s history and look ahead to the next 500 episodes.

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Episode 500!

Who knows how we did it, but Sound Opinions has made it to its 500th episode on public radio. Since debuting in December 2005, Jim and Greg have had the pleasure of interviewing many heroes, reviewing countless records, dissecting their favorite classic albums, and welcoming live performances by great artists. They reflect on the prehistory of the show, tracing its origins to previous incarnations on commercial radio. Then they highlight some of their favorite moments from the first 500 episodes, and look ahead to what they'd like to see in the next 500.

Jim's Top Sound Opinions Moments

Greg's Top Sound Opinions Moments

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run

Here, Jim and Greg look back on their top album choices over the years. Overall, they still felt very confident about their picks. They also discuss some Sound Opinions "white whales" aka artists they would love to have as guests that weren't able to appear on the show in the past.

The pair also address the biggest point of contention between them, Bruce Springsteen. They listen to and relive their argument about Born to Run from episode 3.


Throughout our 500 episodes, Greg and Jim have put over 200 quarters in the Desert Island Jukebox. Here are some of their most memorable selections.


Back in 2006, Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead paid a visit to Sound Opinions. While they agreed to do an interview, they did not want to perform live on the show. However, after some coaxing from Jim and Greg, Thom Yorke performed "I Want None of This," on the piano, making it the most captivating live performance in the history of the show for Greg.

Dear Listeners,

For more than 15 years, Sound Opinions was a production of WBEZ, Chicago's public radio station. Now that the show is independent, we're inviting you to join the band and lend a hand! We need your support more than ever because now we have to do all the behind-the-scenes work that WBEZ handled before (like buying insurance and paying for podcast hosting, ugh). Plus, we have some exciting ideas we'd like to try now that there's no one to tell us no!