The Regrettes, Buried Treasures & Frank Turner


The Regrettes are a young band that blends 1960s  girl group sensibilities with the edge of Bikini Kill. Their debut album, Feel Your Feelings, Fool! was a Best of 2017 pick for both Jim and Greg. The Regrettes joined Greg for a performance and conversation. Also, Jim and Greg share more of their buried treasures- bands flying under the radar that you need to hear! Plus, Frank Turner on the song that got him Hooked on Sonics.

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Buried Treasures

During SXSW 2018, Jim and Greg saw so many great unknown artists. Here are a few more buried treasures that you need to check out:


  • Shopping
  • Kyle Craft


  • Hot Snakes
  • Trupa Trupa

The Regrettes


Greg Kot interviewed The Regrettes, an LA band that is one of their favorite recent discoveries. The pop-punk quartet blends the raucous energy of Bikini Kill with the harmonies of The Ronettes to great effect. The Regrettes talked about their beginnings as well as their bold, empowering lyricism. The group also performed a special, stripped down acoustic set of songs from their 2017 debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! without sacrificing their signature energy.

Hooked On Sonics: Frank Turner

frank turner

British  singer-songwriter  Frank Turner grew up wanting to play thrash metal, but it was a very different song that he first learned to play on the guiter. Hooked on Sonics is our feature where musicians tells us about the song that first got them into music. For Frank Turner, that song was Counting Crows' "Round Here." Turner's sister was playing the first Counting Crows record non-stop and while it wasn't his first choice in music, he ended up learning to play it. "Thrash is quite hard to play...I ended up learning a bunch of Counting Crows songs partly because it meant I could play something coherent on the guitar, and partly becasuse it would please my sister." He says he also recognized himself in the lyrics about growing up in a small town, "being from a small town and osciallating between affection for it and feeling slightly trapped in it...really resonated with me." Turner has even played the song during his shows and one time his sister, who played that album non-stop, even joined him.

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