Songs About Horses, Opinions on Lucy Dacus & Torres


And they're off! In honor of the Kentucky Derby, it seemed like the perfect time to explore a relatively common theme in music - horses. Jim and Greg discuss why these majestic animals cross genres from soul to rock and roll. They'll also share some of their favorite tracks about stallions, mares, ponies and more. Plus, they'll review the sophomore album from indie  singer-songwriter  Lucy Dacus and artist Torres shares what song got her Hooked on Sonics.

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Songs About Horses

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner and Jim and Greg have horses on the brain! It got them thinking about how prominent these creatures are in music across genres. The hosts and some Sound Opinions listeners share their favorite tracks about ponies, mares, stallions and more.


  • "Chestnut Mare" by The Byrds
  • "White Horse" by Laid Back
  • "A Horse in the Country" by Cowboy Junkies
  • "Ghetto Cowboy" by Mo Thugs Family


  • "Pony" by The Handsome Family
  • "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett
  • "Swerve City" by Deftones
  • "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones


  • Big D from Mokena, IL - "Gimme Some Water" by Eddie Money
  • Terry from Austin - "Horses" by CQMD
  • Jeremy from New York City - "Judy and the Dream of Horses" by Belle and Sebastian

Historian Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus made a big splash with her first release, 2016's No Burden. Historian is the sophomore album from the indie  singer-songwriter, who delivers the same thoughtful lyrics and quiet moments. According to Greg, one of the standout tracks on this album is "Pillar of Truth." "Pillar" clocks in at over 7 minutes and "just builds and builds to that moment when Dacus raises her voice for basically the first and only time on the album." Greg adds that though No Burden got a lot of acclaim, "Historian is a better album." He gives it an enthusiastic Buy It. Jim concedes that he also "loves when the songs build, but he wants the whole album to be that way." He says that there are great lines, but he doesn't "share the level of enthusiam" [that Greg has for the record]. Jim gives the album a Try It.

Hooked On Sonics: Torres


"The first time I heard that song, it was one of those drop everything kind of moments" is how singer and songwriter Mackenzie Scott - AKA Torres - explains the moment she heard "The Phantom of the Opera." For our occasional series Hooked on Sonics, we talk with musicians about the song that inspired them to start singing, pick up an instrument, or write a song. When Torres first heard this work by Andrew Lloyd Weber around the age of 14, "something flipped" and she wanted to sing. She says the pairing of melody and harsh sounds in Phantom is something she tries to capture in her own music.

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