Diss Tracks & Rock Doctors


Though music can be a mighty force that brings people together, it can also be weaponized. Jim and Greg look at memorable times musicians have used their art to settle scores in song: their favorite diss tracks of all time. They also bring back the Rock Doctors segment to help a mom find songs that empower her son without toxic masculinity. Basically the polar opposite of diss tracks.

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Diss Tracks

When two musicians have beef, it's only natural for their feud to carry over into their art. From rap to southern rock to new wave to punk, here are a few of Jim and Greg's favorite diss tracks.


  • Joe Tex, "You Keep Her"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Sweet Home Alabama"
  • Nicki Minaj feat. Eminem, "Roman’s Revenge"
  • Pavement, "Range Life"


  • Mojo Nixon, "Don Henley Must Die"
  • LL Cool J, "Jack the Ripper"
  • Le Tigre, "Deceptacon"
  • David Bowie, "Teenage Wildlife"


From time to time, we help out listeners with specific musical needs. We call it the Rock Doctors. Our new patient today is Rebecca, a mother from Wheaton, Illinois. She's looking for help finding music to encourage her young son to grow up as anything other than a "toxic dude." Jim recommends Susanna Hoffs' cover of the David Bowie song "Boys Keep Swinging," produced by Brian Eno. Greg recommends "Kids" by MGMT. Listen in to see which song spoke best to this young family.

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