Buried Treasures & Bobby Rush


As we all settle in for the season, Jim and Greg figure Sound Opinions listeners are ready for a playlist refresh. This week, they dip into the wealth of great new music beyond the FM dial and play you some Buried Treasures. These artists might not be household names, but they're definitely worth adding to your collection. Plus, blues legend Bobby Rush shares the song that got him Hooked on Sonics.

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Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg are out here saving good music from being buried by the sands of time. It would be a shame for these fine new releases to go unnoticed, so we're bringing them directly to you. Here's the latest batch of "buried treasures."


  • Control Top, "Type A"
  • Automatic, "Too Much Money"
  • Kills Birds, "Volcano"
  • Billy Woods + ​Kenny Segal, "Spider Hole"


  • Tommi Zender, "Your Time is More Important"
  • Kingsley, "You Keep Me Hangin’ On"
  • The OSYX, "Carry It With Me"
  • Twink with Moths & Locusts and Heavy Friends, "Fear the Unknown"

We asked our discussion group to share their Buried Treasures.

  • Mark Laskowski picked Karen O and Danger Mouse's song "Nox Lumina"
  • Luke Lawrence picked The Murder Capital's song "Don’t Cling To Life"

Hooked On Sonics: Bobby Rush

Bobby Rush by Bill Steber

Bobby Rush has been writing and recording for fifty years, and along the way garnered multiple awards for his distinctive, laid back, funky brand of the blues. He's a natural storyteller, as exhibited in hits like his 1971 classic "Chicken Heads." On this installment of Hooked On Sonics, Bobby Rush shares the early Nat King Cole track that sparked his interest in narrative songwriting.


Jim puts another coin into the Desert Island Jukebox, this time in celebration of the Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle classic "Your Love," a slice of Chicago House music that he says rates up there with Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" as one of the sexiest dancefloor fillers of all time.

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