Sound Opinions Holiday Spectacular 2019 with Andy Cirzan

Santa with Vinyl records

It's a holiday tradition on Sound Opinions to welcome weird wax aficionado Andy Cirzan to share his annual mix of tinsel-time tunes with us. He shares his bizarre holiday music finds and the stories behind them with Jim and Greg.

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Santa vs. El Diablo

cover Andy Cirzan

...the Eternal Struggle... The Hits Pt. 2

For his 2019 Holiday Spectacular, Andy Cirzan completes his look back on his first 30 years of making Christmas music mixes. The title is inspired by a clip of dialogue from a dubbed version of the Mexican film "Santa Claus." It covers a wide range of genres from there, concluding with the first appearance of South Korea's He-5 doing a psych-rock version of "Auld Lang Syne."

And, sorry to be a Scrooge, this year’s mix isn’t available for download. But please download and share the podcast which contains full tracks.

Santa vs. El Diablo: ...the Eternal Struggle... The Hits Pt. 2

  1. Clarence Reid, "Winter Man"
  2. The Free Design, "Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)"
  3. Joanie Sommers, "The Peppermint Choo-Choo"
  4. Ben Hinds, "All I Want For Christmas (Is A Go-Go Girl)"
  5. Jimmy Reed, "Christmas Present Blues"
  6. "Groovey" Joe Poovey, "Santa’s Helper"
  7. Baby Pac-Man & Friends, "Snowflakes and Frozen Lakes"
  8. Lonnie Meeks, "Here I Am, It’s Christmas"
  9. Patty Marie Jay, "Space Age Santa Claus"
  10. Ballard/Precision Plastics Co. 5, "The Icicle Man"
  11. Claudine Longet, "I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You"
  12. Ameriquette, "Tell Me Tell Me (On This Christmas Day)"
  13. Lynne Ostergren, "My Santa Claus Has No Ho Ho Ho"
  14. Dimas Garza, "Pancho From El Rancho"
  15. He-5, "Auld Lang Syne"

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