Buried Treasures & Folk Singer-Songwriter Joan Shelley

A new year calls for new tunes. Jim and Greg are back with a new batch of Buried Treasures. They're always on the lookout for great new music beyond the FM dial and this week they share their latest finds. These artists might not be household names, but they're definitely worth adding to your collection. They'll also talk to folk  singer-songwriter  Joan Shelley about recording her latest album in Iceland and how her Louisville, Kentucky heritage manifests in her music.

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Buried Treasures

With the sheer volume of music released every week there's always something good flying under the radar. Jim and Greg shine a light on those as often as possible- this time joined by The Current's morning host, Jade.

Greg’s Buried Treasures

  • Divino Niño - Foam
  • Beabadoobee - Space Cadet EP
  • Pist Idiots - Ticker

Jim’s Buried Treasures

  • Rainsticks - Elkmont
  • The Black Tones - Cobain and Cornbread
  • MUNA - Save The World

Jade’s Buried Treasure Tracks

  • Dua Saleh - "Pretty Kitten"
  • Vagabon - "Water Me Down"

Joan Shelley


Joan Shelley is a folk  singer-songwriter hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2010, Shelley has released eight solo albums and last year put out Like The River Loves The Sea, a record that both Jim and Greg loved. Joan joined the hosts at the Goose Island Brewhouse in Philadelphia to talk about making that 2019 record in Iceland, going back to her bluegrass roots and her time in college on the skydiving team.

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