Buried Treasures & the Future of Music Venues

Nothing in the world can stop great music from being created. Even now there are songs coasting under the radar, not being enjoyed by enough people. We have a new batch of buried treasures to share. Plus, we talk with venue owners, activists and politicians working to save American stages that have been shut down due to the global pandemic.

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Buried Treasures

For this batch of Buried Treasures, Greg is focused on artists who had some attention in the past, but their current work is being overlooked in some way. Jim is just digging for great songs. They're also joined by Amanda Petrusich of The New Yorker and author Corbin Reiff.

Jim’s Picks

  • Bette Smith, "I'm a Sinner"
  • O'Hara, "Angel"
  • Stacey, "D.M.T."

Greg’s Picks

  • Coriky , "Clean Kill"
  • Cocktail Slippers, "Like a Song Stuck in my Head"
  • Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, "Upper Hand"

Amanda’s Pick

  • Brother Theotis Taylor, "If I Could Just Hold Out Til Tomorrow"

Corbin’s Pick

  • Jeff Rosenstock, "Scram!"

Save Our Stages

Save Our Stages

Jim and Greg talk about the impossible financial situation the live performance industry is in due to COVID 19. They talk with Katie Tuten, a co-owner of The Hideout in Chicago and Audrey Fix Schaefer, spokesperson for the 9:30 Club in DC among others. They're both members of NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association, which was formed in response to the pandemic.

We also hear from Senator Amy Klobuchar, who co-authored the Save Our Stages act at the urging of NIVA. Save Our Stages is a $10 billion relief bill that has bipartisan support, including from the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, who we also talk with.

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