Hip Hop History, Opinions on Dawn Richard & Dry Cleaning, Beach Bunny


Host Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot interview authors Jeff Chang and Davey D about their new edition of "Can't Stop Won't Stop," the essential hip hop history first published 16 years ago. Plus Jim and Greg review new albums by Dry Cleaning and Dawn Richard and hear what song got Beach Bunny inspired to pursue music as a career. 

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Second Line Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard Second Line

Jim and Greg review the new album from former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard. Her new solo album, Second Line, is strongly inspired by her hometown of New Orleans.

New Long Leg Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning New Long Leg

The hosts review the debut album by British post-punks Dry Cleaning. The deadpan vocals of Florence Shaw on New Long Leg draw comparisons to Protomartyr, The Fall and Joy Division.

Hip Hop History


The guys welcome Jeff Chang back to the show 15 years after his first appearance. Chang and co-author Davey D talk about their new youth edition of the hip hop history Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Together they trace the changes in hip hop over the past 15 years.

Hooked on Sonics: Beach Bunny


For this Hooked on Sonics, producer Alex Claiborne caught up with Chicago band Beach Bunny's Lili Trifilio about the song that got her inspired to make music in a new way during quarantine, Grimes's "Kill V. Maim."

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