Buried Treasures, Opinions on ABBA & Goat Girl


It's that time yet again! Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot love to share newly released music that they've uncovered, Buried Treasures. This week, they've got a fresh batch of songs to add to your playlist. Plus, a conversation with Holly Mullineaux, bassist for the English post-punk band Goat Girl. The band's 2021 album, On All Fours, is one of Jim and Greg's favorites of the year. The hosts share their thoughts on the new ABBA record. 

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Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg's latest batch of buried treasure songs include bands made up of Chicago teenagers and music industry veterans from Canada and the UK.


  • Neptune’s Core, "Turning Red"
  • Chastity Belt, "Fear"
  • Witch Fever, "Reincarnate"
  • The SoapGirls, "Societys Reject"


  • Hana Vu, “Gutter
  • Beak>, “Oh Know
  • Julie Doiron, “You Gave Me the Key
  • Mattiel, “Those Words

Holly Mullineaux of Goat Girl

Goat Girl On All Fours

The second album from Goat Girl, On All Fours, is one of Jim and Greg's favorites of 2021. They talk with the group's bassist, Holly Mullineaux, about dealing with a bandmate's illness, diagnosed just before COVID hit and just after they finished recording the album. She also comments on the state of punk music today and how she balances her political stances with carving out a space in the music industry.

Voyage ABBA

ABBA Voyage

After 40 years, Swedish pop superstars ABBA have released a new album, Voyage. Jim and Greg are huge fans of ABBA's chart-topping hits of the 1970s, but can their new effort capture that same magic?

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