The Top Singles of 2021 & Greg’s Mixtape


Some songs can define our memory of a year when we look back. Host Jim DeRogatis and production staff share the songs that defined 2021 for them. Plus, host Greg Kot shares his 2021 mixtape and pays tribute to musicians who died in 2021. 

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Though Sound Opinions frequently airs obituaries, on today's show Jim and Greg are memorializing artists we missed earlier in the year. Some musicians talked about more in depth include Sophie, Wanda Young of the Marvelettes, Chick Corea and Richard Kirk.

Top Singles of 2021

Jim is joined by the production staff to share his top five singles of 2021.


  • Lizzo, "Rumors (feat. Cardi B)"
  • Caroline Polacheck, "Bunny Is a Rider"
  • Beach Bunny, "Oxygen"
  • City Girls, "Twerkulator"
  • Yotuel, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo, El Funky, "Patria y Vida"

Production Staff

  • Mary: MUNA, "Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)"
  • Sol: Emotional Oranges, "All That (feat. Channel Tres)"
  • Katie: KAYTRANADA, "Intimidated (feat. H.E.R.)"
  • Alex: Mannequin Pussy, "Control"
  • Andrew: Bo Burnham, "That Funny Feeling"

Greg’s 2021 Mixtape

Greg plays two sets of songs from his 2021 mixtape, Living In the Good Times?

Listen to the full mixtape here.

Set 1

  • Sparks, "So May We Start"
  • Turnstile, "MYSTERY"
  • Wet Leg, "Chaise Longue"
  • Horsegirl, "Billy"
  • Ric Wilson, "Pull A James Baldwin"

Set 2

  • Jelani Aryeh, "Marigold"
  • Quivers, "You’re Not Always On My Mind"
  • Prince, "Hot Summer"
  • Nick Waterhouse, "Vincentine"
  • Cocktail Slippers, "She Devil (Shout It out Loud!)"

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