The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Led Zeppelin, Plus Opinions on Wet Leg & Rosalía


While there have been no shortage of Led Zeppelin biographies over the years, the latest from Bob Spitz is the most in-depth and expansive yet. This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with author Bob Spitz about the myths, music and misdeeds of Led Zeppelin. They also review new records from Wet Leg and Rosalía.

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Wet Leg Wet Leg

Wet Leg Wet Leg

Jim and Greg review the highly anticipated debut album from the British indie rock band Wet Leg. After their first single, “Chaise Longue,” went viral in 2021, music fans have wondered if their full album could meet the sky-high expectations. For Jim and Greg, Wet Leg does.

Motomami Rosalía


The hosts review the second album from Spanish artist Rosalía, Motomami. After her first album, El Mal Querer updated flamenco music of her native country, now she has turned to Latin America for inspiration, reimagining styles like reggaeton.

Led Zeppelin


Author Bob Spitz has written biographies of figures as diverse as Ronald Reagan, Julia Child and The Beatles. Now he has turned his attention to the next best-selling act: Led Zeppelin. As Bruce Springsteen's manager during Led Zeppelin's heyday, he didn't follow their career closely so he came to the topic with fresh eyes. He documents many abuses of power by the band and their inner circle along with their musical accomplishments.

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