Buried Treasures Extravaganza


It's time yet again for hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot to share some of their buried treasures - new music that's flying underneath the mainstream radar you HAVE to hear! Whether it comes from the United States or somewhere else in the world, Jim and Greg are always digging for uncut gems. They also receive selections from the production staff and hear from listeners. 

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Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg share some of their favorite, new, under-the-radar music you need to hear!


  • Neutrals, “Gary Borthwick Says
  • Tierra Whack, "Body of Water"
  • RLYR, "Real Air"
  • Sun’s Signature, "Golden Air (Edit)"
  • Motorcade, "Static"
  • The Aluminum Group, "Drag Yourself"


  • Slothrust, "Cranium"
  • Sofia Mills, "Life of the Party"
  • Lala Lala, "Memory"
  • Purple Witch of Culver, "Themes from the Servant’s Hall"
  • April Clocks, "Sleepstream"
  • Elizabeth Moen, "Excuse-Moi De T’aimer"

Production Staff

  • Mary: Kate Bollinger, "Yards/Gardens"
  • Andrew: Kevin Morby, "This Is A Photograph"
  • Alex: Heart Attack Man, "Old Enough 2 Die"
  • Sol: Stray Kids, "VENOM"

Listener Segment

Jim and Greg hear from some of our listeners!

Dear Listeners,

For more than 15 years, Sound Opinions was a production of WBEZ, Chicago's public radio station. Now that the show is independent, we're inviting you to join the band and lend a hand! We need your support more than ever because now we have to do all the behind-the-scenes work that WBEZ handled before (like buying insurance and paying for podcast hosting, ugh). Plus, we have some exciting ideas we'd like to try now that there's no one to tell us no!