Rock on Film, Opinions on Lizzo, Muna & Perfume Genius


This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot discuss the history of music movies with author Fred Goodman. From The Beatles to Metallica, they explore rock on film. Plus, the hosts review new music by Lizzo, Muna and Perfume Genius. 

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Special Lizzo

Lizzo Special

The hosts review Special, the fourth studio album from rapper, singer and songwriter Lizzo.

Ugly Season Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius Ugly Season

Jim and Greg give their two cents on the latest album from singer and songwriter Perfume Genius. It's called Ugly Season.

Muna Muna


The guys share their thoughts on Muna, the self-titled album by the indie pop band Muna.

Rock On Film


Jim and Greg talk with author and writer Fred Goodman about his new book, Rock On Film: The Movies That Rocked the Big Screen. They discuss narrative films, serious documentaries and everything in between when it comes to music in movies.

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