Pedro the Lion Live, Opinions on Horsegirl & Julia Jacklin


This week hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot welcome Pedro The Lion to the Goose Island Tap Room in Chicago for a live performance and interview. David Bazan recently brought back the Pedro The Lion band name for a five album cycle about each of the places he lived while growing up. The second installment, Havasu, came out earlier this year. Plus Jim and Greg review new albums from Horsegirl and Julia Jacklin. 

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Versions of Modern Performance Horsegirl

Horsegirl Versions of Modern Performance

Horsegirl is a Chicago indie rock trio still in its teens. Their debut album, Versions of Modern Performance was hotly anticipated due to their signing to Matador Records. Jim and Greg say the hype is correct.

Pre Pleasure Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin PRE PLEASURE

Julia Jacklin is an Australian singer-songwriter and former Sound Opinions guest. Pre Pleasure is her follow up to her 2019 breakthrough album, Crushing. The new album puts strings and keyboards in a more prominent position than previous releases. Jim and Greg applaud her efforts, noting her subtle humor and vulnerability.

Pedro the Lion

In the first Sound Opinions live event since 2020, Seattle's Pedro The Lion performs at the Goose Island Tap Room in Chicago. Songwriter David Bazan talks about his current project of writing an album each about the places he lived while growing up. The latest is Havasu. Bazan and his band perform three songs from that album. They also discuss his personal journey away from Evangelical Christianity.

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