Video Game Music, Opinions on Rina Sawayama & Brian Eno


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot explore the expansive world of video game soundtracks. They chat with Los Angeles Times critic Todd Martens about the innovative ways video game music is exciting listeners and enhancing gaming interactivity. They’ll also review new albums by Rina Sawayama and Brian Eno, and hear messages from Sound Opinions listeners. 

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Hold The Girl Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama Hold The Girl

Rina Sawayama made a lot of fans with her debut album, Sawayama in 2020. Now the Japanese-British artist is back with Hold The Girl. It's clear she's a very talented pop artist, but Jim and Greg wonder what her unique perspective is when she's not recreating her influences.

Foreverandevernomore Brian Eno


Brian Eno is one of Jim's favorite artists and producers. His new album Foreverandevernomore is the first to feature Eno's voice in 17 years. However, his new approach to singing is too detached and leaves Jim and Greg cold.

Video Game Music


Todd Martens is a former music critic turned video game critic at the L.A. Times. He joins Jim and Greg to discuss the trends in video game music and why music fans should be paying attention to that area. It's come a long way from Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. Now it's launching the careers of composers who go on to score major motion pictures and has its own category at the Grammys.

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