Buried Treasures & Ganser


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some of their favorite new, under-the-radar music you need to hear. Plus a conversation with vocalist and bassist for the band Ganser, Alicia Gaines. They discuss their latest EP, her extensive music knowledge and more. 

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Buried Treasures

There's more great music made than can get the attention it deserves from the music press, so periodically Jim and Greg share a big batch of “buried treasures” to shine a light on music you may have missed.


  • Susan Voelz, "Oyster"
  • Stuck and Miranda Winters, "Do Not Reply"
  • Medicine Singers, Yonatan Gat, Jaimie Branch, "Sanctuary"
  • Panic Shack, "The Ick"


  • Fruit Juice, "I Don’t Know"
  • Katie Kim, "Eraser"
  • The Monkey Power Trio, "Turn And See Her"
  • Talkdemonic, "Barely Dawn"


  • Sol: NoSo, "Suburbia"
  • Andrew: Soul Glo, "Gold Chain Punk"
  • Alex: COIN, "Chapstick"



Ganser is a Chicago-based band who make great music, but have some very bad luck. In 2020 they finished their ambitious full length, Just Look At That Sky, and bought a van two weeks before COVID lockdowns began. Still they're building a national fanbase and have released a new EP, Nothing You Do Matters. Alicia Gaines is one of the group's vocalists and bassist. She joins Jim and Greg for a wide-ranging conversation.

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