Buried Treasures & RIP Tom Verlaine of Television


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot are joined by their production staff to highlight new music that listeners may have missed: musical buried treasures. They also pay tribute to Television’s iconic guitarist, Tom Verlaine. 

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Obituary: Tom Verlaine


Tom Verlaine of Television was not a household name, but his influence as a guitar player can be heard in bands from U2 to The Feelies to Wire while his vocal stylings clearly influenced David Byrne of Talking Heads. Hosts Jim and Greg pay tribute to Verlaine following his death on January 28 at age 73.

Buried Treasures

The volume of music released every day means some of it will end up ignored and under-appreciated. That's why every few months Jim and Greg share a new batch of these songs, which they call “buried treasures.” They're also joined by their production staff for their picks.


  • Wesley Joseph, “MONSOON
  • Hurry Up, “American Weirdos
  • Avalon Emerson, “Sandrail Silhouette
  • Automatic, “New Beginning


  • The Get Right Band, “Hell Yes, Refresh
  • mazie, "it’s not me (it’s u)"
  • Manasseh, “I’ll Be – Live Pt. 1
  • Daydream Review, “Have You Found What You’re Looking For?

Production Staff:

  • Sol, Måneskin, "GOSSIP (feat. Tom Morello)"
  • Lauren, Little Dragon, "Water - FKJ Remix"
  • Alex, Ducks Ltd., "18 Cigarettes"
  • Andrew, The Arcs, “Only One For Me

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