Poster Children, Opinions on Screaming Females & Iris DeMent

poster children

Poster Children have been going strong for nearly 35 years. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with co-founders Rose Marshack and Rick Valentin about Marshack's memoir, "Play Like A Man." Plus Jim and Greg review new albums from Iris DeMent and Screaming Females.

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Workin' On A World Iris DeMent

Iris DeMent Workin on a World

Iris DeMent has been fairly synonymous with American folk music since she made her debut in the early 1990s. Her album of duets with John Prine is beloved, but her latest album, Workin’ On A World has Jim and Greg split.

Desire Pathway Screaming Females

Screaming Females Desire Pathway

Screaming Females first drew critical acclaim for their guitar power trio heroics under the leadership of a teenaged Marissa Paternoster. On their eighth album, Desire Pathway, the band's essence is unchanged, though their technical craftsmanship has grown.

Rose Marshack & Rick Valentin

rose m

Poster Children formed in 1987 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and its two core members Rose Marshack and Rick Valentin are still on a college campus- now as professors at Illinois State University. Even after signing to a major label in the alternative music boom, Poster Children have never called it quits and now Marshack's memoir “Play Like A Man” tells the band's story.

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