The Best Albums of 2023 So Far!


The year 2023 is more than halfway over, and there has already been a plethora of exciting, inspired and relevant new releases. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite albums of 2023 so far.

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The Best Albums of 2023 So Far


Jim and Greg take stock of their favorite albums released this year. They include many artists who have been interviewed on the show and albums that have been reviewed including Wednesday and Billy Woods and Kenny Segal.


  1. Billy Woods and Kenny Segal, “Maps
  2. Wednesday, “Rat Saw God
  3. Kelela, “Raven
  4. Durand Jones, “Wait Til I Get Over”
  5. Tombstones in Their Eyes, “Sea of Sorrow
  6. Wesley Joseph, “Glow
  7. Lankum, “False Lankum
  8. Draag, “Dark Fire Heresy
  9. Kara Jackson, “Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love
  10. Sunny War, “Anarchist Gospel


  1. boygenius, “the record
  2. Jason Isbell, “Weathervanes
  3. Louise Post, “Sleepwalker
  4. Bully, “Lucky for You
  5. Margo Price, “Strays
  6. Avalon Emerson, “Avalon Emerson & The Charm
  7. Wednesday, “Rat Saw God”
  8. John Cale, “Mercy
  9. Screaming Females, “Desire Pathway
  10. Ladytron, “Time’s Arrow

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