Buried Treasures & RIP Robbie Robertson


This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some new music that's flying underneath the mainstream radar - buried treasures! They'll also hear selections from their production staff and bid farewell to Robbie Robertson of The Band.

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Obituary: Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson was a legendary rock guitarist and songwriter with The Band. He first made a major mark as a sideman to Bob Dylan as he went electric, then as a member of The Band, whose album “Music From Big Pink” was a blueprint for the Americana genre that came up afterwards.

Buried Treasures

There are always more quality albums than room on the charts for hits, so hosts Jim and Greg make a habit of sharing new batches of buried treasures as often as possible. This time around they’re joined by their producers and include picks from around the world.


  • RVG, “Midnight Sun
  • Khazali, “Magic
  • Bdrmm, “It’s Just a Bit of Blood
  • Poison Ruïn, “Pinnacle of Ecstasy
  • The Clientele, “Blue Over Blue
  • Split System, “Alone Again


  • The Rain Parade, “Last Rays of a Dying Sun
  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers, “Mild Davis
  • Santa Chiara, “Visa
  • boice, “The Wound Collector
  • Special Interest, “Disco 1.5
  • Spiritual Cramp, “Nah, That Ain’t It


  • Sol: Laufey [lāy-vāy], “From The Start
  • Andrew: Bonny Doon, "Let There Be Music"
  • Alex: FIGHTMASTER, "Bad Man"

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